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The Metchosin Volunteer Fire Department, is just that, a volunteer fire department. This is not to say the members take their jobs any less seriously than career departments. Rather that: where there's a job to be done, the tools to do it with, and a Volunteer to do it, the job will get done.
Our Firefighters spend thousands of hours a year in training and practical experience. They are highly trained through the Justice Institute of BC, like many other fire departments in this area, career and volunteer alike.

Active Fire Department Personnel:

(For a List of Retired Members, please see the Honour Roll page.)

Fire ChiefSteen Skou Yrs.05/01/95 Caricature of Steen SkouE-mail Steen Skou
Deputy ChiefVolkmar Konway Yrs.05/01/95 Caricature of Volkmar Konway
CaptainNick Pedersen Yrs.10/07/97 Caricature of Nick Pedersen
CaptainSue Strugnell Yrs.20/04/01 Caricature of Sue StrugnellE-mail Sue Strugnell
LieutenantBen Hughes Yrs.26/10/00 Caricature of Ben Hughes
LieutenantStephanie Dunlop Yrs.09/05/02
LieutenantEric Meredith Yrs.13/02/03
Acting Lieut.Gregory Alexander Yrs.13/02/03
FirefighterJim Whitfield Yrs.01/11/74 Action Photo of Jim WhitfieldCaricature of Jim Whitfield
FirefighterRichard Gaunt Yrs.13/05/82
FirefighterRandy Smith Yrs.01/12/86 Caricature of Randy Smith
FirefighterTheresa Harris Yrs.29/03/91 E-mail Theresa Harris
FirefighterJim Nygaard Yrs.14/07/94 Caricature of Jim Nygaard
FirefighterAllan Foster Yrs.18/05/95 Caricature of Allan Foster
FirefighterTom Gestwa Yrs.27/07/95 Caricature of Tom Gestwa
FirefighterRon Dalgliesh Yrs.19/02/98 Caricature of Ron Dalgliesh
FirefighterKris Parker Yrs.28/05/98 Caricature of Kris ParkerE-mail Kris Parker
FirefighterMark Volk Yrs.03/06/99 Caricature of Mark Volk
FirefighterDean Straith Yrs.26/10/00 Caricature of Dean Straith
FirefighterAllan Cresswell Yrs.14/06/01 Caricature of Allan Cresswell
FirefighterWolfe Harris Yrs.09/08/01 Caricature of Wolfe Harris
FirefighterSeann Wells Yrs.26/02/02 E-mail Seann Wells
FirefighterJustin Martin-Wood Yrs.04/07/02
FirefighterMatthew Lebold Yrs.13/02/03
FirefighterNicole Gibby Yrs.11/09/03
FirefighterJason Humphries Yrs.13/05/04
FirefighterKyle Dupuis Yrs.13/05/04
FirefighterAllan Thompson Yrs.13/05/04
FirefighterWade Banning Yrs.13/05/04
FirefighterKathy Banning Yrs.15/02/05
FirefighterKarlie Wilson Yrs.15/02/05
FirefighterJustin Apted Yrs.15/02/05
Junior FFGeoffrey Skou Yrs.03/07/03
Junior FFDerek Atherton Yrs.03/07/03
Junior FFNick Bonderoff Yrs.30/10/03
*All firefighters are considered Probationers (Probie's)
until they have completed a minimum 6 months of service.
After 20 years of service,.

For Past Members, please see the Honour Roll.

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